EdgePoint AI Computing Platform for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Revolutionary Cluster-Computer Platform for AI

EdgePoint AI was established to advance the company’s revolutionary cluster-computer platform for AI that processes machine learning models at a fraction of the power and budget of mainstream computing. We are implementing AI & vision powered Blockchain technology into our drug development process so that clinical development, clinical trials, and drug manufacturing can be done real time with full data integrity.

Telehealth AI Component for Remote Monitoring of Patient’s Respiratory Condition

Telehealth Patient


Telehealth Physician

AI Vision Grid Technology to Streamline Drug Manufacturing

Manufacturing Plant with Vision Camera Grid

  • Automatically track the real-time workflow of materials, personnel, equipment and products to achieve instant traceability and compliance.
  • Register events in a blockchain general ledger for immutability and auditability enhancing compliance.
  • Optimize traffic flow for efficiency in procedures and worker safety.
  • Potential to identify issues before product impact.

How It Works


EdgePoint Spotlight Camera

Reduces number of camera, increases accuracy and slashes maintenance and installation costs with Sparcle™ software

CUBE Inference Hub

EdgePoint CUBE Inference Hub

Fan-less hub of AI accelerator cluster connects wirelessly to cameras with Sparcle™ software

BRICK Data Aggregator

EdgePoint BRICK Data Aggregator

Low footprint embedded GPU silicon cluster computer replaces rack of servers for context data processing with Sparcle™ software

Real-Time Mesh

EdgePoint Real-Time AI Mesh

Mesh network cuts bandwidth needs, and reduces latency and deployment costs for real-time inference at the edge with Sparcle™ software

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